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Ghana VS USA Live Scores :

Get Ghana VS USA Live Scores, Ghana VS United States real time Live scores update here. Ghana vs United States live online: free game broadcast on Monday, 16/06, valid for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil starting. Underdogs in Group B, which includes Germany and Portugal , Ghana and United States debut at the World Cup on Monday (16). The match between the two teams happens to 19h in the Arena das Dunas in Natal (RN). The EBC Portal will update the Ghana VS USA score of the game in real time.

USA vs Ghana predictions :

USA vs Ghana predictions - World Cup Group G : In a match of this World Cup competition continued, in the group phase G will bring together the national team of Ghana facing the United States. Match different continents will run fierce considering these two teams actually not be advance to the knockout phase, as in the G group, they also are in the same group with Germany and Portugal also are different to swing into phase knock out, therefore an additional 3 points will be the capital means to them today. In the match held at the Estadio das Dunas stadium is Christmas, a map of the game between the two clubs that competed actually quite a draw, where the head to head between the two teams that had happened only once before in international matches, Ghana managed to win in the game.

USA vs Ghana predictions - World Cup Group G : Even so, the United States is not a team that can be in view of one eye by Ghana, the article itself the preparation of the United States today is quite mature and ambitious for they can go further in the International level and mentioned that America is also one country football league where they are today, namely Major League Soccer is also growing rapidly by bringing in talented players in Europe to play in the competition. For front-line, Ghana will menduetkan figure Kevin Prince Boateng with Suley Muntari in order to facilitate the step Ayew scored goals in the game and dedicate the victory.

In the United States, they have a formidable goalkeeper, the team who performed brilliantly when Howard defends during the Everton club. For the front lines themselves, their hopes of good luck Clint Dempsey figure who also has good diving musiom far. Although the map of power between the two teams that competed this time can be fairly balanced, but given the composition of the squad which is owned, Ghana seems capable of winning with a margin of 1 goal of the United States in the fight this time.